This blog is offered as a forum within which events to promote and celebrate the Traditional Catholic Latin Liturgy can be organised in the North of England. The idea emerged during conversations at the 2010 Low Week Latin Mass Society training course at Ushaw College.

Regular Sunday Masses in the North of England

St Mary's Brigg, Every Sunday 5 pm

St. Joseph's, Castleford, Every Sunday 3 pm

Sacred Heart, Broughton Hall, Skipton, 1st Sunday of Month 11.30 am

St Mary Magdalene, Penwortham, Preston Every Sunday 9 am

St Dominic's Priory, Newcastle, Every Sunday, 11.30 am

The Sacred Heart & English Martyrs, Thornley, Co Durham, Every Sunday 9.30 am

St Joseph's, Gateshead, Every Sunday 12 noon

St Mary's, Barnard Castle, Co Durham, Every Sunday 9 am

Our Lady Star of the Sea, Seaforth, Liverpool, Every Sunday 9.30 am

St Anthony's, Liverpool, Every Sunday 3 pm

English Martyrs', York, Every Sunday 6.30 pm

St Alphonsus, North Ormesby, 6 pm

Holy Name, Manchester, 4 pm

St Mary's, Gilbert Street, Halifax, Every Saturday 6 pm

St Catherine Laboure, Staningfield Lane, Farington P25 4QG, Every Sunday 11.30 am

Monday, 10 May 2010

Shopping for Vestments

Try . A Polish seller whom I have found very reliable. The opposite is one of several Roman low Mass sets I have bought from him. His prices are more than reasonable.


  1. That`s very attractive but I can`t see anything as nice as that on his site at the minute. I`ll keep an eye on the site however.

  2. Luzar seemed to be offering a good price for Roman sets. However, there is better value to be had from Gammarelli, even with the postage. Because of my height, they are making me slightly lengthened Roman sets in pure silk at €uro 695; even with the Euro/Sterling not so good, the price is much better than Luzar whose artificial fabrics cost much more. TRW